Mary Mihelic, Artist.

Turning oil leaks into oil paintings.

  Trump Signs

The Flags

The Wall Section 2

These artworks are inspired by the bus’s current oil leak. The artist collects the oil that leaks from beneath the bus and paints with it.  The oil has a golden glow when illuminated.  The art highlights the importance of all the White House leaks in discovering the truth about such a tyrannical figure. The light is a metaphor for how visibility is critical in politics. The first one of Trump is titled “Trump  Bus Leaked Oil Painting 1: Golden Shower.”  It is 52 inches x 42 inches on paper.  The second image is Trump and Comey.  It is titled “Trump Bus Leaked Oil Painting 2: He’s a Leaker.”  It is 42 inches x 42 inches on paper and also has waterproofing tape over Comey’s mouth (the artists use this tape on the bus for repairs).


2015-18 Copyright Mary Mihelic.  All rights reserved.