Mary Mihelic, Anti-Trump Artworks.

Building the first section of Donald Trump's Mexico wall.

In July 2016, the artists built the first section of Donald Trump’s “Mexico wall” 20-yards in front of the existing border fence in Jacumba Hot Springs, California.  They then billed Mexico for it.   The artwork is about what would happen to the U.S. if all the immigrants were stopped at the border and Trump truly deported 11 million people back to Mexico.  The US side of the wall is made from materials that symbolize how our lifestyle in the US would be impacted.   For example, dead flowers represent how the flower industry would be affected, rotting fruit and vegetables symbolize the agricultural impact that would have on the country, and rakes, hoses and toilet bowl brushes represent the effect on landscaping and American households.  The Mexican side of the wall is crisper, neater, well-maintained and simple.  The Mexican side is in high-vis neon yellow which the artists wear when on the road and that color symbolizes everything from “don’t get run over by what’s coming down the road” to peaceful protest.  The cinderblocks hint to detention centers.  This artwork has been featured in The New York Times.

  Trump Signs

The Flags

The Wall Section 2