Mary Mihelic, Running Girls.

#27 is a trilogy. The series of three is based on the fact that the leader of the Boko Haram has so many look-alikes that one never knows if he has actually been killed when a dead body that appears to be him is found. (Detail shows the same face on all three #27s.) The Trinity is a Christian metaphor for the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The artworks incorporate text art stating 1. Badluck  2. Goodluck and 3. Dumbluck -- all derived from the former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathon’s  name.  The Trinity comments on events in mid-October 2014 when the Nigerian government said the kidnapped girls would be freed in a week as part of a cease-fire.  The London Telegraph hinted the cease-fire was driven by the upcoming announcement that Goodluck will be running for President again and just a political stunt.  The girls were not freed as promised. In the full view of the artworks below, the word “deceased-fire” refers to all the people killed by the Boko Haram since the supposed cease-fire began.  The F grade represents that the Boko Haram is fighting against educating women and grades Goodluck. Note that the letter “L” has been dropped from Badluck and the “f” from deceased-fire replaces it.  This symbolizes the bad things being done by bad men and the continued raping of the missing girls. The “f” in Goodluck is about what he has done to the country.  And the “f” in Dumbluck references how the Boko Haram is against educating women (yet it is through the education of women that we can stop this cycle of violence).  The loss of the “L” and the substitution of the “f” removes any love from the situation.  Here, the repeated use of the word luck and belief in luck also dismisses God from it.

Mixed media on paper

Each one is 60" x 44"



Number 27 in a series of 53 artworks about the Chibok kidnapped schoolgirls.















2015-18 Copyright Mary Mihelic.  All rights reserved.